Welcome to the home of ScanCam, the innovative anti-sweethearting device that helps reduce shrink at your point-of-sale.

Utilized in conjunction with your CCTV system, the ScanCam provides a visual confirmation of a positive barcode scan; improving operator performance, honesty and efficiency. ScanCam is simple to install, reliable and very effective. Positive scans (or the lack of) can now be quickly verified live or by reviewing archived footage.

The easiest way to get an appreciation for what the ScanCam does is to watch it in action. Click the playback icon to pop out our video clip. YouTube



In the sale shown, $60 worth of items do not get scanned representing a significant percentage of the total sale. The video shows the same transaction twice; first without the ScanCam and secondly with the ScanCam installed. See how easy it is to determine scan avoidance with the ScanCam confirming positive scans to your CCTV system.

The ScanCam unit attaches directly to your checkout scanner without the need for an external power supply. A specially designed LED illuminates for approximately ½ second to allow your CCTV system to record this positive scan.

The ScanCam device has proven to significantly reduce the time it takes to review video as well as having an immediate impact on your operators scanning behaviour improving honesty and efficiency. Use the Contact Us form to request further information or to apply for your in-store trial today.