What is a ScanCam?

The ScanCam™ is a microprocessor controlled lightbox that attaches directly to your scanner to detect positive scans. It is a passive device that requires no programming. It simply detects when the scanner has successfully scanned an item and blinks its LED in unison. This light is on a swivel assembly allowing it to be pointed directly at your lane’s CCTV camera no matter how you choose to mount the ScanCam.

With the addition of the ScanCam, operator behaviour is instantly modified, resulting in higher scan rates and an increase in the average basket value (for those that might have been performing sweethearting).

Easy to Install

The ScanCam can be installed in-house in <4 minutes. Simply attach the cables to the scanner, stick the ScanCam to the checkout and align the light to point at the CCTV camera.

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Fast Return on Investment

The ScanCam can pay for itself very quickly. Return on Investment can be achieved in under one month, backed up by before and after Point-of-Sale data mining reports.

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Improved Operator Effeciency

Results show that for operators that were performing sweethearting, average scan rate and basket value increased between 19 – 30%.

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