The ScanCam connects to existing ports on your scanner that are normally utilized for hand scanners or connection of EAS devices. In some cases, we use both ports. If these ports are already in use, we have splitters available that will allow you to run your existing device and the ScanCam. Power for the ScanCam is typically provided by the AUX port. The positive scan signal from your scanner outputs on the EAS port in most cases. This is how the ScanCam knows an item was scanned. The current V5 ScanCam has the ability to detect RS232, EAS and the simulated return or enter key sent over USB when your scanner is configured for HID mode (with the addition of our USB module).

Please check our current product matrix and the status of the cable assembly required for connectivity. (Database updated 20th April 2016). We currently have four stock cables; two for Datalogic, one for Metrologic and one for NCR.

Tested and working, cable in stock.
Tested and working using prototype cable, qty order required for production.
Integration requested, currently no solution. Work in progress.
Datalogic (PSC)381, 382, 383, 384
Magellan 24
22xx/23xx/33xx mini scanners
All 8000 series
8500XT (enable EAS mode first)
98xx with dedicated 10-pin EAS port
NCR7870, 7872 (no EAS port), 7875
7872 (with 2-pin EAS port)
7874, 7876, 7878, 7883
SymbolP370/470 Handheld (RS232)
SymbolLS7708 using 4-pin EAS port
SymbolLS7808 using 4-pin EAS port
Datalogic (PSC)PowerScan 8300 in keyboard emulation mode
IBM (Host)Any scanner connecting to IBM 46xx hosts
MetrologicMS9540 in keyboard emulation mode
SymbolDS6707 in keyboard emulation mode
SymbolLS9208 in keyboard emulation mode
OtherAll USB scanners configured for HID mode

If you scanner is not listed in the table above, please use the contact us form below to provide us with the make and model of your scanner along with the following details:

  1. What interface is it using? e.g. USB, RS-232, IBM 468X/469X, Keyboard Wedge?
  2. In the case of USB, can you confirm it is programmed for “Keyboard Emulation Mode” or HID?
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