• Installs in less than 4 minutes without the need for a power socket
  • One-off hardware payment. No ongoing maintenance or subscription fees
  • Immediate impact on operator behaviour
  • Improved scan rate
  • Average basket value increased
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Value of Transactions Increased
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Scan Rate Increased

Based on trial data gathered over a 60 day period and in conjunction with POS data mining software, significant improvements in operator behaviour were noticed when comparing the pre and post analysis periods. Pre ScanCam data indicated a number of operators may be sweethearting as their KPI’s in a number of areas were down, namely:

  • Scan rate lower than store average
  • Average basket value lower than store average
  • Lower sales in certain product categories like Health & Beauty, Batteries, Tobacco and Alcohol.

Post ScanCam data showed a distinctive increase in the scan rate and average basket values for those operators suspected of scan avoidance. A small numbers of operators significantly improved their turnover in the 30 day period post ScanCam installation, thereby immediately paying for the hardware installation. ROI in under 1 month…POW!

30% of all internal shrink is attributed to checkout fraud

Retail shrink surveys year after year find that >50% of all shrink is a result of internal and staff causes. They also find that a massive 30% of all internal shrink happens directly at the point of purchase and was attributed to abuse of the scanning and checkout systems.

In one of the trial stores we saw an immediate impact after installing the ScanCam and we were pleased with an undocumented benefit…a significant reduction in the time it takes to review video.

Bill Goga

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