Zenith Asset Management Ltd, the company behind the ScanCam products have interests in other security integration and distribution businesses entrenched in providing security technology to the retail and banking sectors. The ScanCam was conceptualised in 2003 as a direct result of one of these business relationships and went into production in 2008. There are now several versions available to suit many different types of POS scanners.

Zenith is based in New Zealand, a country well known for its out-of-the box thinking and technology innovation. Zenith has the backing of the NZ Government with two Tech NZ R&D grants; one to develop a new Audio Transducer model variant that allows connectivity to scanners that have no EAS ports and a second to develop an interface to allow connectivity to USB scanners. Zenith has a NZ patent for its ScanCam concept and is patent pending in many other countries.

The Zenith Company operates four divisions who specialise in their respective areas:

  • Creative based in Albany, Auckland
  • Accounts and Legal based in East Tamaki, Auckland
  • Research and Development based in Lower Hutt, Wellington
  • Manufacturing and Export based in Mt Wellington, Auckland

Key People

Peter Stothers,
 Managing Director
Peters background is in Electronics and he has been involved in the Security Industry since 1993 specialising in CCTV for large enterprise retailers and banking institutions. Peter is the ‘ideas’ man and the creator of the ScanCam product. Peters forte is solving problems, which is how the ScanCam first got conceptualised.

A supermarket owner asked him how he was going to deal with his operators bypassing the scanner by placing a finger over the barcode; a common practice. “Easy” Peter said. “We’ll attach a light to your scanner that points at the CCTV camera so your security team will know whether each item got scanned, simple”. And so the ScanCam was born. Read Peters full profile on Linkedin.

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